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Where the good ‘ol days and modern comforts collide into a core menu of family recipes, twisted classics, made-from-scratch food, and seasonal menus that feature the abundance of farm-to-table ingredients Florida has to offer; served with hospitality of the good ‘ol days in a casual, neighborhood place.

The Pantry to 32804

Chef Julie grew up as the oldest of five, playing with food her mom stocked in the pantry or fridge purchased from the commissary. Like many latch-key kids of the seventies and eighties, Julie and her siblings were home to fend for themselves so they cooked and ate what they wanted to and made their food their own.

Fast forward 24 years in the hospitality industry including stints at Disney, Darden, mom and pop restaurants, minor league baseball, the Country Music Association, hotels, Outback Steakhouse, and Ruby Tuesday, just to name a few. Prior to opening Outpost Neighborhood Kitchen, Casey was known in the industry as The Restaurant Mom; the leading expert on the family’s dining experience, covering everything from menu to service touchpoints.

One Christmas, over several glasses of wine, it came up in conversation… “Julie, do you finally want to do it? Do you finally want to own one yourself?” Little did they know the amount of homework and research Casey had already started.

In 2015 Casey signed a lease for a little spot in College Park, Orlando and then headed to the History Center to learn more about this community she and her family had recently moved to. Next step: she coordinated a restaurant naming contest and recipe solicitation with the College Park Community Paper. In a landslide vote, the community chose Outpost Neighborhood Kitchen. That, my friends, was the easy part.

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